International Journal Foundation offer a well-rounded and affordable publishing packages, marketing assistance, a broad book-selling reach, a wide selection of extra services beyond the publishing package, and plenty of help and support. Below are the criteria Top Ten Reviews used to evaluate each online book publishing service:

Publishing Package

The best online publishing packages offer pre-publishing consultation, broad publishing service options and promotional services after publishing. Most publishers have several packages to choose from along with paid services you can choose from independent of any package. Most publishers have detailed information at their websites and free booklets you can request to have sent. This will give you the tools you need to make informed choices about which package works best for you before you pay a cent. Be sure that when you choose a package, you find one with the services you need, so you don’t spend unnecessarily on features you won’t use.

The best publishers have a quick, overall publishing timeframe and give authors the most for their money. High-quality online publishers also provide a number of services, such as designing a webpage and making copies of the book available to reviewers, as part of the pre-paid package to help you sell your book once it is published.

Book Selling Reach

Capable online publishers are able to help their published authors sell books through a combination of methods, including an onsite bookstore at the company’s website, wholesale distribution channels and major online book retailers. The best online publishers will help you increase your sales potential by getting your book to as many readers as possible. Some online publishers sell a substantial number of books at the publisher’s site in addition to distributing to other sites.

Additional Paid Services

We offer a wide assortment of publishing and marketing services beyond those offered in their publishing packages. Some booksellers can help you with graphic design or editing. IJF also allow you to pay for individual services, independent of any package, that will let you mix and match to fill in the areas you need help with. A few of these include copyright registration, cover design, creation of marketing materials and assistance with video trailers.

Help & Support

We offer several avenues of support, including toll-free phone and email support or an online form for question submissions. It is also helpful if they host a FAQs page and an online meeting place where authors can share ideas and discuss publishing topics via an online forum, discussion board or blog. We love to see chat services and wish more publishers would offer it to their customers to acquire information before spending money on a package. Several online publishers go the extra mile and share free literature, blogs and newsletters to provide all the information their customers need to make informed decisions about services before purchasing them.

Whether you are a first-time author or a previously published novelist who is tired of signing your rights away, IJF offer a fast, relatively affordable way to get your book off your computer screen and into the hands of your readers.