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Journal Name: Advance Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Discoveries
Category: Business Management
E-ISSN No: 2456-1045

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 3 Manuscript Title : Maslow Hierarchy of needs and Aesthetic needs
Author’s Name : Türkan Geçer*
Country from : TURKEY
Date of Publication:  31-05-2021
Journal Name : Advance Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Discoveries [ ISSN : 2456-1045 ]
Article Identification : Vol. 57.0/Issue
-I/Chapter-III/Page – 12-15 [JANUARY-2021 EDITION ]
Article Code : BM-V57-I1-C3-JAN-2021
Status : Officially published
Publisher : International Journal Foundation  
Download PDF : Full article (Pdf)
Doi No : 10.5281/zenodo.4876755
ABSTRACTThe need for aesthetics/cosmetics has emerged as a rising trend recently. The needs are endless. Needs are not a country or region, needs are universal. Maslow’s Aesthetic need is applied in almost every field.  click here
 In order for a person to realize herself, she/he must first feel confident and feel good. At this point, successful aesthetic (surgical and non-surgical) applications allow the person to find her/himself. This situation is reflected in life success.
KEYWORDS:  Maslow hierarchy of needs, aesthetic/cosmetic need, need for self-actualization, aesthetic/cosmetic tourism.