Advance Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Discoveries

Advance Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Discoveries (ARJMD) is a well-known Journal published by International Journal Foundation, is located in Nadia district in the Indian state of West Bengal. The principal purpose of the journal is to publish scholarly work in the field of Medical Science, Mathematics, Physics, Bio-technology, Zoology, Agricultural Science, Computer Science, Economics, Education, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Linguistics, Literature, Religious Studies, Geography and History. ARJMD is an open access, peer-reviewed International Journal, that provides yearly publication of research articles, review articles, case study and short communications in all the above subjects. Contributors are welcome from all the above fields which have relevant and insightful comments to make about the topics. The journal also includes a Research Note section which is devoted to supporting scholarly research that is in progress. We are dedicated to offer researchers the highest level of services. All publications delivers support throughout the complete publishing process in an efficient and effective manner, allowing you to focus on the research. We manage content data, author bios and more, in addition to distributing your research to thousands of libraries worldwide.​​

 About Us

IJF ( International Journal Foundation)  is an Global academic publisher based in Kolkata, India and was initially founded in 2016 to collect and preserve rare research samples. To support samples project, IJF started the journal Advance Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Discoveries the same year. Since 2016, IJF has grown into a publishing house with one million webpage views each month. With further editorial offices in Beijing, Washington DC (USA) , London (UK), Hamburg (Germany), Paris (France), Oslo (Norway) Rio de Jeneiro (Brazil) Osaka (Japan), Tel Aviv (Israel), Capetown (South africa) Wuhan (China) and Barcelona (Spain), IJF is backed by over 700 academic editors and scientists worldwide.


International Journal Foundation is mainly built for share academic thought and discoveries to the research community in the world. At present, within the research sector, more than 70% of the experiments become failed due to the unsuccessful presentation of there research. As a result, their innovation will going to be wipe out . This number is now increasing day by day. The main objective of our organization is to publishing, presenting and establish their valuable discoveries to the world research community. As a platform for global academic communication, the quality of journals has always an aspect attracting much of our attention.


The objective of our publication agency is to provide and opportunity for multidisciplinary research scholars to publish only unpublished and original articles/manuscript in an internationally recognized Journal entitled is “Advance Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Discoveries” (Online & Print) . For more details, download  ‘Constitution’

Journal Features

>> Peer-reviewed journals  >> Maintain a quick Publication Procedure >> Accredited with Open Association of Research, Society (USA) >> Indexing and Abstracting Services with most reputed organization & Universities Library >> Journal have an valid online ISSN no. and are identified by Impact value organization >> All Research papers are open access >> Multicolored Hard copy of the published journal on 130 GSM paper and quality cover page on 300 GSM Photo Paper. >> Online journal, advanced Text and PDFs are available >> World-class standards for journal assessment to match the requirements of top universities and institutions >> Users can access information and journal via mobile or desktop >> Delivery with the Registered Post Courier/DHL/UPS/Speedpost >> Innovative and eco-friendly production process and standards.

Our Research Area

International Journal Foundation delivering supports and services to education professionals and researchers around the world. International Journal Foundation serves in many individual disciplines like Agricultural Science, Bio-Medical Science, Chemistry and Material science, Earth & Environmental Science, Medicine and Health Science, Social Science and Humanities, Business Economics & Statistics, Computer Science and Communication, Engineering, Physical Science, Mathematical Science, Biological Science,, Archeological and many more popular discipline. International Journal Foundation is the medium for research people to innovate their ideas. We provide open access (for few months) rapid publication of the article in the online and print mode in the different area of the research study. The entire online journal entitled “Advance Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Discoveries”  was registered by International Standard Serial Number individual (ISSN code: 2456-1045 ) in the respective name of the Category. To select your research Topic or subject see or download ‘ Subject List ‘

Frequency of Publication

Basically it is a monthly journal. Special editions are planned subjected to the scope and need. Currently, IJF is  publishing peer-reviewed papers of International and National level conferences conducted by various research and academic institutions. To know our Topic or subject and their frequency of publication, please download the details ‘ List of Topic’

Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics is an important part of the research paper publishing process. In order to maintain the highest standards of publication, has implemented extensive guidelines highlighting the responsibilities of editors, reviewers and authors. These guidelines are based on the Guidelines on Good Publication Practice developed by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Following, we have outlined a few important guidelines that are required to be followed throughout the publication process.

We are committed to uphold these values in each process of publication. If you would like to share any concerns about our policies or would like to enquire about the publication history of any manuscript, you can contact our in house Publication Ethics Team at


ARJMD follows the Code of Conduct of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), and follows the COPE Flowcharts for Resolving Cases of Suspected Misconduct. IJF especially observes COPE’s Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers. Editors at IJF follow COPE’s Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors.

Authors should be aware of a possible Conflict of Interest. In such a case authors can still take responsibility for the accuracy of their paper, but must inform the reader with an appropriate statement in the Acknowledgements.