MAY-2016 / VOL.1.0/ ISSUE-I/ PAGE-(01-13)

Category : Environmental Science (Part-1)

SL.No. Title of the Manuscript Authors Name Country Free Access
1 Title Name: “Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants     Monitoring and Evaluation: Case Study Dammam Metropolitan Area”
DOP- 31-05-2016/ Chapter-I/Page – 01-09
Article Code : ARJMD/M16/V1/I1/S1
Status : Officially published  / Download: E-Certificate
Al-Shahwan A.A Saudi Arabia Download
2 Title Name: Study on vegetation diversity at savannah Rangeland in Elsuki area, Sinnar State, Sudan
DOP- 31-05-2016/ Chapter-II/Page – 10-13
Article Code : ARJMD/M16/V1/I1/S2
Status : Officially published / Download: E-Certificate
Abdelfadeel Khalfalla Abu elgasim  Sudan Download