Category: Engineering Discoveries

August-2016/ Vol.4.0/ Issue-II 

Category : Research Topic on Engineering Discoveries (Part-3)

SL.No. Title of the Manuscript Authors Name Country Free Access
 11 Title Name : Role & Importance of Synchrophasor Technology in development of WAMs Using GPS in Grid- A Case study of  Indian Electrical Grid
DOP- 31-08-2016/ Chapter-I/Page – 74-80
Article Code : P3-EE-V4-I2-C1-AUG2016
Status : Officially  published / Download: E-Certificate
Prof.Kiran Kumar Jain/Dr.D.P.Kothari /Dr.J.Praveen India Download
12 Title Name : Picture Libraries through Semantics-Sensitive Integrated Matching Scheme – An Overview
DOP- 31-08-2016/ Chapter-I/Page – 81-86
Article Code : P3-EE-V4-I2-C1-AUG2016
Status : In Process / Download: E-Certificate
Shivasheesh Khare &  Monika Shiva Khare  India Download

 Category : Research Topic on Medical Science (Part-4)