Our Research Area

Before the writing of research article you have choose the subject group firstly. Currently we have listed around 32 Category as per based on most popular  trends Under the Journal ” Advance Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Discoveries (ISSN No. 2456-1045).

Our main Subjects are as follows:

1. Agricultural Science
2.Biomedical & Life Science
3.Chemistry and Materials Science
4.Earth & Environmental Science
5.Medicine & Health Science
6.Social Science & Humanities
7. Business , Economics & Statistics
8.Computer Science & Communication
9.Engineering Fields
10.Physical Science and Space Research
11.Mathematical Science
12.Biological Science
13.Archaeological Science
14.Sports Management
15.Business Management
16.Aquatic Science
17.Entomology / Insects
20.Art, Culture & Literature
21.Administration & Politics
23.Home Science
24.Travel & Tourism
25.Fashion /Leather Technology
26.Mountaineering inventory (Special)
27.AYUSH study (Ayurveda,Yoga,Unani, Sidhha & Homeopathy)
28.Astrology & Magic
29.Music ,Painting & Sculpture
30.Great Personalities
31.Development of Tribal communities
32.Multidisciplinary Category

Download the “list of Category of Journal” published by International Journal Foundation. If you want to suggest to add a journal in our Journal list it will discussed and considered in our review committee.

International Journal Foundation special issue invites the papers from the NATIONAL CONFERENCE, INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, SEMINAR conducted by colleges, university, etc. The Group of paper will accept with some concession and will publish in IJF journals as special issue. It is the platform for College, university, etc to share the knowledge.