Frequently Ask Question

1. Why International Journal Foundation ?

International Journal Foundation is operated by a team of distinguished researchers and scientists and we aim to develop the highest quality knowledge-based products and service for the academic, professional, scientific and research communities worldwide. We strive to provide the maximum exposure of all published articles in various academic indexing/sites/databases.

    • Rapid peer review that usually takes less than two weeks
    • Publication cycle is about 4 weeks
    • Review Articles are free of charge
    • Low publication fee and waiving of publication fee for outstanding papers
    • Lots of Promotional Offer will be given for our authors

2.What is open access journal?

Open access journals are scholarly journals available online to the reader without any financial, legal, or technical barriers and encourage free flow of knowledge among researchers. It doesn’t restrict circulation of research papers among subscribers like traditional journals. International Journal Foundation promotes publication of open access journals and our publications can be accessed free of cost any time.

 3.Why your journals adopt open review system?

Open review system encourages transparency in reviewing of scientific publications and gives due credit to the reviewers who are integral part of the review process. International Journal Foundation supports open review and gives authors the option to suggest reviewer name who should review the paper and the name of the reviewer is also mentioned in published research paper.

 4. Why should authors suggest reviewer name?

At International Journal Foundation authors can suggest reviewer name during submission time and the editors will send to the suggested reviewer for paper review. This innovative approach reduces publication time as well as gives author more freedom in research publication.

 5. Who can review the research paper?

The research paper can be reviewed by any researcher having experience in related field of the research topic. However, it can’t be reviewed by any co-author, any family members of co-authors or anyone having conflict of interest with research topic.

 6.Do the journals have ISSN number?

International Standard Serial Number is a unique eight-digit number used to identify a print or electronic periodical publication. We have already ISSN Code:2456-1045 for the Journal of “ Advance Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Discoveries”

7.What is the Impact factor of journal?

Impact factor is an index used for ranking academic journals published by us in various disciplines. It assigns a score in the range of 0 to 8 to research journals based on available data and other statistics. Impact factor is used by researchers and institutions to rank our journals, and this is equivalent to other available measures for scholarly journals ranking.

 8.Are the journals indexed anywhere?

Indexing of journals in research databases facilitate dissemination of information and increase visibility of research papers. Our journals already indexed with Crosref, Google Scholar, Worldcat, DOAJ, and Scopus. Besides we are also waiting to get more indexing no from reputed indexing organisation.

9. Do you send hard copy of the journal?

Yes, we are able to send hardcopy in any country as per our price list.

10.What happens after I submit my papers?

You will receive an acknowledge email within 24 to 48 hours after paper submission. You will receive a separate confirmation email if your paper is accepted into the peer-reviewing process. Finally you will be notified after your papers have passed the reviewing process and ready for publication.

11.How long is the paper review process?

The typical peer review process is 2 weeks.

12.How long does it take for my papers to be published online?

It takes about 4 weeks to publish your paper online. Your papers and the complete journal in which your papers are published from our site.

13.What is the manuscript requirements?

The manuscript requirement can be found on our site, Authors. Please submit your papers in the prescribed format to ensure speedy review and publication. Please visit http://www.journalresearchijf.com/constitution/

14.How to submit my papers?

You can submit your papers by emailing to article.ijf@gmail.com Please prepare your papers in the required format, Authors, for timely review and publication.

 15.What is the publication fee for research paper?

As our journal is open access to all the readers around the world, we charge the fees for publication to keep operation such as Peer-review, Copyediting and Typesetting etc. Author publication charges vary depending on the journals . The payment method will be notified by the editor-in-chief after the acceptance of the paper. Publication fees will be waived fully or partially for outstanding papers, as determined by our editors-in-chief .The details about publication fee and payment procedure are mentioned in our website.. Authors are requested to visit the above section for more details. http://www.journalresearchijf.com/subscription/

 16.How to pay for publication fees?

You will receive detailed instruction on payment information from editor-in-chief after your papers have passed peer review process and accepted for publication. You can either pay by Online Transfer  PayPal, Western Union Money Transfer (Other than India).

17.What is author loyalty reward?

This is a unique benefit for authors to motivate and publish more research papers in academic career. Please visit author guidelines section for more details about loyalty reward.

 18.Whom should i contact for any queries?

You can reach us anytime 24*7 by sending your queries in contact us page or mail us at journal.ijf@gmail.com and our customer care executive will get back to you with all details.

19.When should I submit my papers? Are there any deadlines?

You can submit your manuscripts at any time. But if you want to publish your paper current month , then you have to send you paper before 25th day of the month.  Your papers will be published in the upcoming issue once the papers are accepted and passed the peer-reviewing process.